Advantages of Project Management

Full Service with Single Source Responsibility

ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 Registered

Full Range of Engineering Services

Packaging Engineering Capability

Systems Integration

Procurement Services

Updated Material Resource Data Base

Construction Management

Start-up and Training


Site/Facility Master Planning and Programming

Instrumentation/Control Systems Engineering

Engineering Proposal

PaT-Tech is able to provide engineering proposal, selection of product and execution plan as custom-made designs to meet project requirements.

Project Initiation 

Following contract awarded or receipt of suitable written instructions from the Customer the Project Manager commences the Project by formally reviewing the contract, completing the Project Brief, finalizing the Project Procedures which incorporate the Project Execution Plan and the Quality / EHS Plan.

To ensure the suitability of the finalized execution strategy and assess the risks involved the responsible Operations, Engineering, Procurement and Project Control representatives review and authorize the strategy.  

The relevant Departmental Managers in consultation with the Project Manager appoint the Project Engineers. The size and organization of a project team is determined by the scope and timing of the work and in order to reduce interfaces and facilitate efficiency, flexible working practices are used. 

Project Management Procedures identify a rationalized logical approach to specific tasks. They are for use by multi-skilled competent personnel and concentrate on the minimum sufficient requirements needed to execute projects in accordance with Company requirements.

Project Management

The structure and size of the project team is identified at the bid stage and reviewed with the Customer where necessary, prior to work commencing. On smaller projects overlapping of duties/roles is desirable for maximum efficiency.

The selection of the Project Manager and Engineer is governed by the nature and complexity of the Project. A Project Engineer may be appointed to this position where the Disciplines scope forms the major part of the work. Where possible to reduce interfaces the number of Team Member is kept to a minimum and may be reduced to one person, able to utilize the individual technologies and functional departments, vendors and sub-contractors to provide the necessary skills for successful project completion. 

Project Management and Control are carried out in accordance with the following Procedures.

Project Management

Document Control

Change Management

Computer System Management

Quality/HSE Management

Engineering Management 

Detailed engineering is carried out in accordance with the requirements and strategies specified in the Project Procedures. 

Engineering management shall be carried out in coordination with local designing institutes and the designs shall be in accordance with local codes and engineering guidelines.

System operational reliability is the most important for the industrial equipment and systems. We will help you design and integrate all of the equipment and materials to maximize the operation reliability of the complete system through customs made designs.

Procurement Management

Procurement activities, including purchasing, expediting, inspection and delivery of equipment and materials are carried out in a controlled manner. 

It includes the following main activities:

Procurement Management

Bid Assessment

Purchase Order Management

Sub-contract Management 

Construction Management

Construction work is carried out in accordance with the requirements and strategies specified in the Project Procedures. 

A more detailed construction brief, prepared by the Construction Manager in accordance with local construction standards and codes, may be appropriate.

Commissioning/ Validation Management

The pre-commissioning activities are agreed with the Customer at the proposal stage of the project and take place on completion of construction. 

These activities will be incorporated in the Project procedure; however a more detailed document, prepared by the Commissioning Engineer, may be required.

When required, Customers are provided with the appropriate documentation from project initiation, design, engineering, construction, continuing through commissioning, certification, maintenance and revalidation.

Project Close-out Management

The statutory and regulatory requirements of the project archive and its scope are determined at the start of the project and collated and indexed throughout the project life.