BEIJING PAT M&E EQUIPMENT CO., LTD., PAT-TECH ENGINEERING (H.K.) LIMITED and PAT POWER EQUIPMENT COMPANY LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as "PAT-TECH"), whose main products including Diesel Generator Set, HFO Generator Set, Gas Generator Set, Electric Heat Tracing system and its complete systems, aimed for the industries such as mining, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, power, aviation , national defense, food and civil engineering, long-term commitment to the development, design and production of power supply, electric heating and its supporting products, their customers range many countries and regions all over the world. Through dozens of years of unremitting efforts, PAT-TECH has the ability to independently provide the engineering design, production, completion, supply and on-site commissioning services of the whole set of power plant to meet the customer's requirements, and is able to provide the long-time operation and maintenance services as requested by their Customers.

★ Beijing PaT (founded in 2001) – engage in market development, product development, design and engineering 

★ Hong Kong PaT (founded in 2003) – engage in the development of overseas market 

★ Tianjin PaT (founded in 2013) – as power equipment production base, engage in the R&D, production, commissioning and after-sales service 

Our aim is to assist engineering owners in managing their projects professionally and efficiently and meeting engineering requirements to the highest quality standards in terms of project optimization, energy saving, efficiency and reliability. Pat will achieve successful completion of projects based on its engineering experience accumulated over the years combined with all the necessary skills and human resources 

PAT-TECH will build and optimize professional project team in accordance with the requirements of engineering owners and projects. Various functional departments work closely together with unity and cooperation, and training is made for all project members based on project objectives to inform them about project implementation plan and specific requirements of the owners. This includes project design, procurement and construction management, cost and schedule control, site security, environmental protection and quality management 

PAT-TECH has long-term cooperation with many well-known engineering companies and design institutes to provide its products and services for engineering implementation of international and domestic well-known enterprises. During the project implementation, PAT-TECH will accumulate experience, gradually improve project management and regularly update its procurement database. While maintaining efficient services and high-quality products, PAT-TECH will improve its project management level.