Noise Attenuated Power Station



The diesel engine generator is Perkins diesel engine, or Cummins, MTU etc. requested by the customers assembled with Leroy Somer or Marathon alternator, and designed as canopy type noise-attenuation units. The daily fuel tank is designed inside generator enclosure with functions of detecting fuel level and automatic fuel level control and alarm. Motorized louver is designed to meet high ingress protection up to IP54 of the enclosures during standby status to achieve rain-proof, snow-proof, dust-proof and anti-freeze functions. The low noise can be designed to meet as low as 70 dB(A) at 1m distance. Operation door, view window, maintenance door and maintenance space are designed for the enclosures. The enclosures are possible to be installed well-ventilated indoor and outdoor environment. Offering generator enclosure small sized, standard ISO and through to oversized containers — all to be robust, secure and adaptable for full range of generators. The enclosure can be containerized unit. All can be designed to work with your specifications to delivery custom-made products.

● Operate at weather proof conditions
● Good ventilation and thermal insulation
● Acoustical materials used for noise reduction greatly silenced the mechanical noise 
● Mufflers of antenna and sound-absorbing mode greatly reduce the emission of exhaust noise
● It is able to achieve 70dB(A) at 1-meter from enclosure
● Weather proof structure, perfect appearance, suitable for long-distance rapid emergency power supply and outdoor operation